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Bible Verses
Southern Phoenix
Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Mood:  energetic
Topic: quote

"..suffering, if we respond to it appropriately, 
    has a maturing effect in us.
          But suffering in and of itself is no guarantee
          that we will grow spiritually.
          Some people are embittered by what they suffer.
    The key is responding to whatever life brings our way
    in a godly fashion, by His grace.
              In this way our circumstances will enable us to grow closer to Him
              rather than drive a wedge between us and Him.
        Those who are called upon to suffer should see
        that not as God kicking them, but as God honoring them.
              ...those whom God calls to suffer I see that
              as an honor to His most trusted servants.
                      They are the ones He can trust with that,
                      whereas some of the weaker ones of us
                      may not be able to fare as well under those circumstances.
        I do think there is deep meaning in suffering
            —we comfort others with the comfort
              with which we have been comforted.
       We can help other people when we have been through things."

                                   -- Dr. V.Phillip Long

Posted by southernphoenix at 7:20 PM KDT
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